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Fri Jun 19, 2015 9:51 am by Shin

Hello to all people who have joined, including the guests who are viewing this page.

I am currently making the best anime/RP forum there is. I am also recruiting for staff members, who are over 15 years of age. I am not looking for newbie administrators unlike me, I need pros who have experienced being an administrator/staff member from another site. Please do not pretend, or the site will lack …

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Site Rules

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1 Site Rules on Wed Jun 10, 2015 2:22 pm


Here in RP Tales, we want everybody to enjoy themselves and have a good time.

I. Behavior

  • Respect: Please be respectful to everybody on the site, whether it is a member, staff, or even a guest. We understand that you may not like everybody on the site, but at least show some respect. Intentional insults, rude/inappropriate remarks, and discrimination are not tolerated.

  • Flaming: Avoid having flame wars on the site. Debates are fine, so long as no one gets hurt. Any kind of flaming will not be tolerated.

II. Account

  • Username: Your username should be your character's name. It should not contain any symbols or numbers. The name must also be real and not something like "leethaxors" or something along those lines. If you want your username changed, please ask staff.

  • Alts: You are permitted to have as many alternate characters as you like (so long as they are active).

  • Face Claim:A Face Claim is your character's appearance. It must be an artwork, so no real life pictures. Please stick to anime/manga. You cannot take another person's face claim. If your face is already taken, please take another one.

  • Avatar:Your avatar must be a picture of your face claim. The size of an avatar is 150x300. Please refrain from having an inappropriate avatar.

  • Signature: You may only have one visible image on your signature exceeding no more than 500x150 pixels. If you are found to have a signature that does not fit these requirements, your entire signature will be removed and possibly disabled. If you have images larger than that, keep them in a spoiler.

  • Revamping: It is not possible to revamp your character. If you want to try something else, create a new account.

III. Staff

  • Respect: As Staff, we want to create a fun environment for everybody to roleplay in. Please respect our decisions. If you have a problem with a decision of a particular staff member, contact an Administrator.

  • Approvals: Do not bug a staff member to look at your stuff. They reserve the right to deny any application, so if you bug them too much, that might just happen. Please keep in mind that they are not robot monkeys that constantly work. They are human.

  • Account: Staff reserves the right to alter your account in any way for any or no reason at all. Although there isn't any reason that should normally happen unless you screwed up something major.

  • Rules: Staff reserves the right to make amendments to the rules at any time for any reason, and you accept those changes, whether you are aware of them or not.

  • Elasticity: Staff reserves the right to exert their power when it is necessary and proper.

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